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I enjoy drawing, painting, and sculpting from direct observation - both in the studio and plein air. I also like to experiment with different tools and techniques. Following my blog will allow you to see examples of my work in progress and read about what was happening as I made them.

Inktober 2017 Urban Sketches

I've been doing Inktober, for the 2nd year in a row. The goal is to create & post an ink drawing for every day of October. I've been posting them all on my Instagram and my Facebook art page. I'm almost done! This weekend, I sketched with my Saturday morning art group in Oak Park and completed these 2 urban sketches- sketched from life of the scene in front of me at the cafe. 


Green Mill Painted in Oil, Plein Air, August 2017


The Green Mill is famous as a Speakeasy during Prohibition and as the location for perhaps the best Jazz in the world. If I recall family history, "Mr Brown" (Al Capone) bought my grandfather, and everyone else in the club, a beer here.

I was happy to take the opportunity to paint here with a friendly group I hadn't seen in a while. The weather perfect and the neighborhood friendly.

I've been drawing, painting, and posting on a daily basis - but it's hard to juggle so many Social Media accounts. My Instagram account, as MotionImpossible , is probably the most up to date. Please check out my work there too. 

Painting the field at Thatcher Woods with the moon and birders

The first thing that grabbed my attention when I entered the field was the early morning moon. Later, a group of birders entered and slowly made their way around the edge of the woods. Not pictured: a yellow jacket that harassed me every 15-20 minutes. 

Thatcher woods with moon and birders painted in casein by Ted Gordon

Thatcher woods with moon and birders painted in casein by Ted Gordon