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I enjoy drawing, painting, and sculpting from direct observation - both in the studio and plein air. I also like to experiment with different tools and techniques. Following my blog will allow you to see examples of my work in progress and read about what was happening as I made them.

Green Mill Painted in Oil, Plein Air, August 2017


The Green Mill is famous as a Speakeasy during Prohibition and as the location for perhaps the best Jazz in the world. If I recall family history, "Mr Brown" (Al Capone) bought my grandfather, and everyone else in the club, a beer here.

I was happy to take the opportunity to paint here with a friendly group I hadn't seen in a while. The weather perfect and the neighborhood friendly.

I've been drawing, painting, and posting on a daily basis - but it's hard to juggle so many Social Media accounts. My Instagram account, as MotionImpossible , is probably the most up to date. Please check out my work there too.